Offshore/Nearshore Outsourcing

Shortages in qualified engineers and growing demand for innovation motivates enterprises to explore global procurement markets for services.

Time-to-market, cost pressure and ever shrinking product life cycles provide for good reasons to deploy global development strategies.

A great number of services are being offered in emerging economies, in countries which have developed excellent universites, but still at lower cost than in developed countries.

Some markets have evolved into a high maturity and enjoy high political visiblity and support, such as the software industry. More and more enterprises in countries with high popoulation numbers are exploring the services markets and have developed a visible competition against developed countries.

To find the best fit suppliers is not easy. Quite often is the selection of suppliers based on word-of-mouth and coincidence. The number of failures is sobering.

Your benefit:

Lechner ProcessConsulting GmbH supports the global sourcing and systematic tendering.

Internal resistance, cultural barriers and communication problems are the predominant causes for failing offshore projects. In the assessment of a potential supplier is technology competence only one of many criteria.

"Offshoring" means integrating development processes, technologies, tool sets and communication structures. Cultural barriers have to be overcome as wel as objections in the own team.

It is highly beneficial when the expectations towards a potential offshore service provider are measured with pre-defined and clear criteria.

Successful offshoring implies a successful integration of processes. Change management provides for adequate methods to support this. The selection of suppliers should be well-documented and traceable. It comprises of target definition, a process analysis, an offshorability analysis and the definition of the engagement model, long before the procurement tools can be deployed.

Your benefit:

A sustainable working platform between the partners is developed through the thorough preparation of an independent and systematic supplier selection.

Many offshore provider offer in their own interest an integration process which hampers the competitve selection.

In independent instance like Lechner ProcessConsulting can eliminate these influences and provide for real competition.

And finally the expectations in cost savings are shaped by the different factor cost in the countries. The own management expenditures are either significantly over or under rated.

Your benefit:

A realistic calculation of the cost of operation is part of our long term experience in offshoring.