Procurement Health Checks

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Open up potentials in savings and process improvements. Set the standards for the development of a procurement organization, a bar that’s being raised continuously.

Our robust referencial process model sets the foundation for successful procurement assessments which have been developed out of years of real procurement experience.

Every improvement is preceded by an in-depth understanding of the status quo. We elaborate a high degree of transparency. Transformation targets are then being developed as a result of the health check.

Health Assessments are projects with clear objectives and a project plan. Examples for goals:

  • To increase the contribution to net income.
  • To raise the procurement ROI.
  • An organizational integration, e.g. in the context of M&A.
  • Standardization of procurement processes.
  • Development of a procurement controlling system (e.g. a balanced procurement scorecard).
  • A reduction of processing times.
  • The rationalization of the supply base.

Your benefit:

You create transparency out of a holistic view. We lay the foundation for a continuous improvement of the procurement organization. The results are traceable and sustainable. The roadmap for the transformation process is defined by the assessment results. The processes are audit-proof. Re-assessments in due time ensure the progress.

An analysis of your procurement data (based on invoices paid) delivers the Material Map. This shows the material distribution of your procurement and is the platform for your material improvement measures.