World Class Sourcing

... is THE pivotal point for acceptance by the customers of procurement.

Lechner ProcessConsulting specializes on the exploration of procurement markets. World Class Sourcing performs utilizing effective processes and methods as well as up-to-date tools.

The results: Effective sourcing processes which are concluded by best of breed negotiations using the adequate tools.

Aligned with the actual demand situation we develop the optimal procurement strategy, the negotiation layout and we accompany the execution.

E-Sourcing tool sets deliver improvements in the sourcing processes. World Class Sourcing goes beyond a mere automated execution of Request-for-XXX processes.

World Class Sourcing provides for best-fit supplier relations. This needs systematic market analyses, market intelligence and a detailed understanding of the demands.

World Class Sourcing creates the ideal platform for world class supplier management.


Your Benefit

  1. Best-fit supplier portfolio and the respective sourcing strategies.
  2. Maximum impact on the procurement prices by pooling, leveraging competition and the utilization of up-to-date technology in the execution.
  3. Optimal allocation and transparency.
  4. Rapid development of events and professional execution of e-"negotiations".
  5. Acceptance and early involvment.