Procurement of Services

Gloablization, the pressure for faster innovation and turning fix cost into variable cost lead increasing demand for external services.



Whether high-level engineering services or complete business processes: A multitude of services are being purchased as of today. We see a strong trend towards "virtual" enterprises. Company boundaries become permeable, being part of a network of services. Services are being offered globally.

We make you excel the procurement of services:

  • Standardization, making service elements comparable,
  • Standardization of procurement processes in distributed organizations,
  • Market analysis and successful tenders,
  • Stakeholder Management, plus, we lead through the procurement project,
  • Design and negotiation of the contracts; implementation of multiple business models,
  • Mapping of Service Levels into the contracts,
  • Identification of the process interfaces with the suppliers and their contractual mapping,
  • Compliance with working laws,
  • Change Management in planning and implementation.

Your Benefit:

  • Curbed Maverick-Buying.

  • BPO projects are being enveloped by a professional procurement service.

  • The procurement process is managed.

  • The impact of change is being managed.